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School Charter, Annual Plan & Policies

Our School Charter & Financial Statements

The Charter is at the heart of all we do at Hokowhitu School. It is developed by the Hokowhitu School Board, in consultation with the school community, and its purpose is to set our strategic goals for improving the outcomes for our students over the next three years and to lay out a plan for working towards those goals over the next year. 

Our School Policies

An important part of the Board’s governance responsibilities involves setting policies that describe how we expect the school to be run, in order to produce the best outcomes for our students and to fulfil our legal requirements. The application of these policies in the day-to-day running of the school is the responsibility of the principal, in accordance with the procedures and handbooks specified in each policy.

Policies on Curriculum and Teaching

Assessment Policy (2023)

The Hokowhitu School Board will ensure assessment is conducted to monitor student achievement, through gathering regular and reliable information about each student, with the aim of celebrating and improving achievement for all students.

Curriculum Delivery Policy (2022)

Hokowhitu School Board will ensure the school curriculum will comply with the New Zealand Curriculum and the National Education and Learning Priorities, and that the child is at the centre of its implementation, so all students are able to develop their knowledge, abilities, self-esteem, confidence and independence.

Education Outside the Classroom Policy (2023)

Hokowhitu School Board will ensure that all children are able to make connections between the classroom and real-world experiences through safely participating in well-designed, curriculum-based experiences outside the classroom (EOTC).

Online Safety (2021)

The Hokowhitu School Board will foster a culture of safe and successful digital citizenship in our students, staff, and our wider community, through enabling responsible use of digital technology and online environments. Digital technology is valued and will be encouraged in a teaching and learning context, while minimising and managing the challenges that it poses to students, teachers, and the wider school community.

Policies on School Culture

Anti-Discrimination Policy (2023)

Hokowhitu School will be a welcoming and safe environment with zero tolerance of discrimination against staff, students, or members of the school community.

Communications Policy (2022)

Hokowhitu School Board will ensure that effective, appropriate, and timely communication will occur between the school and families, whānau, and the wider school community in support of creating a positive learning environment.

Complaints and Concerns Policy (2022)

Hokowhitu School Board takes the complaints and concerns of all staff, parents/caregivers, and students seriously, and takes all reasonable steps to respond to them.

Complaints and Concerns Procedures

Guidance for the school community on how to express complaints or concerns.

Healthy Eating Policy (2021)

The Hokowhitu School Board will support a school environment that encourages a culture of healthy eating and physical activity.

International Student Policy (2021)

The Hokowhitu School Board approves the enrolment of international fee-paying students and is committed to supporting their educational and pastoral needs through compliance with the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice.

Privacy Policy (2022)

The Hokowhitu School Board will ensure that the school maintains the highest levels of responsibility for the personal information that it collects, holds, and discloses in accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Act and other relevant legislation.

Treaty of Waitangi Policy (2022)

Māori are the tangata whenua of Aotearoa New Zealand and the language and culture is a living part of New Zealand society and Hokowhitu School.

Policies on Physical Safety

Behaviour Management Policy (2023)

Hokowhitu School Board will provide a safe physical and emotional environment for students and staff.

Aramai He Tētēkura: A guide to understanding distress and minimising the use of physical restraint

Child Protection Policy (2023)

Hokowhitu School Board is committed to child protection and the prevention of child abuse and neglect through providing a safe environment for children that is free from all forms of abuse. The safety and wellbeing of children is our primary concern, and the child is at the centre of all decision making when responding to suspected abuse or neglect. Hokowhitu School is committed to the prevention, identification, and reporting of all forms of abuse.

Health and Safety Policy (2023)

The Hokowhitu School Board will provide a safe physical and emotional environment by taking all practicable steps to ensure the safety of students, employees, parents, volunteers, and visitors.

Sun Protection Policy (2023)

Hokowhitu School Board is committed to providing a safe environment for children by promoting sun protection behaviour, providing protected outdoor areas, fostering sun protection practices, and planning of curriculum delivery.

Policies on Staff and Employment

Appointments Policy (2022)

Hokowhitu School will ensure that the best applicants are appointed through a fair and rigorous appointment process.

Classroom Release Time Policy (2021)

The Hokowhitu School Board will ensure that classroom release time (CRT) is allocated in a fair, equitable, and flexible manner to address teacher workload and meet the school’s strategic goals for student learning.

Discretionary Leave Policy (2023)

Hokowhitu School Board will be a fair and equitable employer in the provision of discretionary leave.

Equal Employment Opportunities Policy (2023)

The Hokowhitu School Board will ensure that all current and prospective employees are treated fairly
and properly in all aspects of their employment by ensuring equal access to employment
opportunities (EEO).

Principal Appraisal Policy (2021)

The Hokowhitu School Board will work with the Principal to develop a Performance Agreement and appraisal process that will monitor progress in achieving the school’s vision and goals and will provide opportunity for professional and personal development.

Recognition of Service Policy (2021)

The Hokowhitu School Board will ensure that staff who leave the school are appropriately recognised for their service.

Teaching Staff Professional Growth Cycle Policy (2023)

The Hokowhitu School Board will ensure that there is a common understanding of the Standards for the Teaching Profession at Hokowhitu School that provides the basis for all teaching staff to participate in an annual cycle of professional growth, in order to enhance the development of staff and contribute to ongoing school improvement and learner outcomes.

Policies on Assets and Governance

Delegations Policy (2023)

The Hokowhitu School Board will ensure that any delegations of functions of the Board are clearly identified and monitored, and that all holders of delegations are accountable for the responsibilities entrusted to them.

Financial Policy (2022)

Hokowhitu School maintains a high level of accountability over the assets and liabilities of the school to maximise resources and learning opportunities.

Property Policy (2021)

Hokowhitu School Board is committed to having a school that is well-maintained, safe, and functional in order to provide the best possible environment for student learning.

Self-Review Policy (2023)

Hokowhitu School will engage in a continuous and documented programme of self-review for all aspects of the school, including in governance, management, curriculum delivery, and assessment.

Board Responsibilities and Conduct Policy (2023)

Hokowhitu School Board members will act in an ethical and respectful manner, and in accordance with their legislative responsibilities.