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New Entrants School Visits

We have a flexible schedule of three pre-school visits for our New Entrants, to help introduce them to their teacher, familiarise them with the classroom environment, and the pattern of the school day:
  • First visit: 8.50am – 11.00am. Parents/caregivers are invited to stay during this initial visit.
  • Second visit: 8.50am – 1.30pm. Parents/caregivers are asked to leave their child on this occasion so that the child has time to adjust on his/her own.
  • Third visit: 12.40pm-3.00pm. This is another opportunity for your child to practice being independent at school.

Please contact the school office to arrange your visits.

We also run a literacy and numeracy programme for our future New Entrants—to find out more about the ELF programme, see the next section of the website.