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ESOL Support and International Students

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Support

At Hokowhitu School we provide support for students from non-English speaking backgrounds to participate fully within our classrooms, our school and the wider community. Specialist English tuition and pastoral support is provided by a dedicated staffmember, Gwenna Finikin.

Our classroom ESOL teaching develops skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, through:

  • Basic everyday (survival) language when students first arrive.

  • Inquiry Units that are co-constructed based on learners interests and needs. These will be used as a medium through which to learn and practise English
  • Lessons based on the on-going needs and interests of students within each ESOL group.

You can see examples of work from our ESOL programme at

International Students

Hokowhitu School welcomes international students and their families, and we believe you will soon feel at home in our diverse and supportive community.  We have had an international student programme since 1992, and we have had the privilege of hosting students from many different cultures and countries.

Subject to the the requirements of our enrolment scheme, we accept students in their first six years of schooling who wish to immerse themselves in an English speaking environment. We assess all international students upon arrival to determine the type of programme that will best suit their needs, and we offer regular specialist English language (ESOL) instruction to all students depending on their level of competence.

International students are full members of our school community, with the same privileges and responsibilities as all our students. Once students have been accepted they must abide by Hokowhitu School’s rules, and attendance is compulsory unless sickness occurs.

Hokowhitu School is a signatory to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students (2016). The full text of the Code of Practice can be found here.

All enrolment inquiries should be directed to the school office in the first instance. Tuition fees will be negotiated with the principal. You can also refer to our International Student Policy at the "School Charter & Policies" section of this website.