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Flexible Learning Spaces

Read about our flexible classrooms and personalised learning in New Zealand Principal magazine! 

Flexible Learning Spaces are modern learning environments that are designed to cater for the needs of today’s learners. One dimension of this is the exciting and flexible classroom space itself, which enable students to benefit from the innovative use of digital technology. But more than this, Flexible Learning Spaces allow teaching programmes to be personalised, with the learners themselves taking increasing responsibility for meeting their learning goals. 

Because these new spaces bring together several teachers, they are able to plan, teach and assess collaboratively: this means every child has three teachers who know all about their current strengths and future needs.

Our first Flexible Learning Spaces were launched in late 2014, and they proved so successful that we have since implemented them across the entire school:

  • Te Kete Aronui (Basket of Knowledge)

  • Te Kete Manawa (Basket of Heart and Spirit)
  • Te Kete Tangaroa (Basket of the God of the Sea)
  • Te Kete Pounamu (Basket of Treasure)
  • Te Kete Wakahuia (Basket of Treasure Box)

The classroom environment

Our Ketes are designed so that the centre of what we do is effective pedagogy rather than purpose-built facilities, so we have:
  • Open and flexible arrangements of students and teachers.
  • Breakout spaces for small groups.
  • Moveable and flexible furniture

The student experience

We use our Ketes to develop important strengths and learning opportunities for our students:
  • Using a wide range of technology.
  • Being connected to learning communities.
  • Having choices about where they "work" best.
  • Being self-directive in their learning.
  • Setting their own goals
  • Having greater understanding of their learning steps.
  • Being able to reflect on and revise their work.
  • Being self motivated.
  • Managing their learning time effectively.

What we expect to see

The signs of productive and positive learning in our Ketes include:
  • Students using a wide range of technology.
  • Students working in small groups.
  • Team teaching of both large and small groups, using a range of strategies.
  • Students learning through “passions.”
  • Choices in learning.
  • Use of e-learning tools to promote and support future learning.

More information about Modern Learning Environments can be found here.