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Newsletter - Term 3, Week 2, 2023

This term’s inquiry concept is ‘Whenua’ (Earth). Each kete will have a slightly different focus around this topic ranging from creatures in the earth, or volcanoes, habitats, sustainability, solving issues around our land use etc.

Our major curriculum focus is technology based and will culminate in a ‘Market Day’ on the 8th of September.

Each kete will be designing, making and packaging items to sell to the rest of the ākongo here at school. Part of this process involves them working out the financial viability of the items they are going to be making - they will need to ‘borrow’ money off the Hokowhitu School board and repay the costs, before getting into profit. Profit made will go towards an end of year activity/celebration, so they will need to be sure to make a profit!

You may like to encourage your child to ‘save’ some money over the coming weeks, so they have a few dollars to spend at Market Day. Maybe they could be doing some extra chores and putting the money aside??

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