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Newsletter - Term 2, Week 7, 2022

While we are aware that the number of people wearing masks is waning across the motu, we are continuing to follow MOE advice.
The advice from the Secretary of Education in this week’s bulletin was ‘we continue to strongly recommend that your staff and students in Year 4 and above wear masks when indoors. It will go a long way in protecting the vulnerable among you, everyone wearing masks helps protect those of your students and teachers who are at greater risk of infection, we know, for example, that the parents of some children with disabilities have felt that their children are less safe at school because of the lack of masks.’

There are a number of nasty ‘influenza’ type viruses circulating, as well as COVID, so it is our intention to follow the advice given and offer masks to everyone indoors in Years 4 and above. We appreciate that many children have their own masks and encourage them to bring them to school themselves.
If you do NOT wish your child (Years 4-
6) to wear a mask indoors, please advise their whānau teacher by email over the weekend.

We are doing our very best to restrict sudden widespread illness and absences - you will be aware that MANY schools are having to/or have had to restrict the number of days’ children can attend, or have had to split classes up. Our stance has avoided this situation so far, and we very much hope it can stay this way. My staff are absolutely essential to us being able to remain fully open, so we thank you for your support with this.

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