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Newsletter - Term 1, Week 4, 2023

If you have been into the school recently, you will likely have noticed the improvements we have made around the school since the end of last year.
The PTA directed the profits from the Xmas Carnival to the playground and bike track markings. Thank you, they look fantastic! Everyone who supports PTA events (helping out, preparation, fundraising activities etc) has
contributed to us having these ‘extra’ things for the tamariki to enjoy.

The Board has invested funds into upgrading the surface under the junior playground, and a combination of a successful grant and Board funds has been spent to purchase and construct the shade sails on the upper court area!

We are looking very flash!

Each of these projects will be really well received by the tamariki - special thanks to everyone involved to see these projects through to completion (well almost completed in the case of the junior playground).

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