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Newsletter - Term 1, Week 6, 2023

You will have seen in the upcoming events section of this newsletter that we have Goal Setting evenings coming up. At goal setting evenings the tamariki (children) are given a ‘run sheet’ to guide them in leading you through a series of activities. This will include meeting each teacher in the kete, having a discussion about the way they have settled into the year, routines etc. There will be an opportunity for you to complete a brief online survey that gives us information about how we are managing ‘cultural competence’ in our kura (school), opportunities to view books, art work etc and generally enjoy sharing the classroom environment.
There are no set appointment times, you can spend as much or as little time in the kete as you like.
You will leave the kete with a sheet that indicates how your child is progressing following our term 1 assessments, and goals that have been set for literacy and numeracy.

The reason that tamariki in Waka are not included in these sessions is because teachers meet with whānau after your child has been at school for 6 weeks and give you all this information at that time.
We will send the survey link home, so yo
u don’t miss out on this.

The reason we request that families with surnames A-L come on the 28th of March and surnames M - Z come on the 30th of March, is simply to spread the numbers across the school. If your allocated evening is impossible for you to make, please feel free to come on the other night. Teachers look forward to meeting with you and encourage every whānau to come along.

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