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Newsletter - Term 2, Week 4, 2023


Following on from yesterday’s notice advising you that we had a child offered lollies from a stranger on their way home from school, we thought it may be helpful to share some ideas around how to assist with safety if tamariki need to walk/scooter home by themselves.

  1. Be very clear with your children on your expectations that they walk directly from home to school and from school to home at the end of the day (no stopping off at parks etc to play).

  2. We DO NOT advise that you make a plan to meet your child at Hokowhitu Park - this is unsafe as there is no supervision.

  3. Where possible, tell them to walk with siblings or other people from our school. There is safety in numbers.

  4. Talk with your child about who their ‘safe’ people are, and make it clear that they are ONLY to go with these safe people - no one else.

  5. If approached by someone who is unknown or not one of their ‘safe’ people, do not stop and talk to them, or accept any treats.

  6. Walk fast/run and head immediately home (or to someone they know). Whichever is closest.

  7. Tell one of your safe people immediately, so they can help you.

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